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The Casey Cares Foundation provides ongoing, uplifting programs with a special touch to critically ill children and their families.

History Timeline


Taking a $2,500 loan, Casey Baynes founds the Casey Cares Foundation to fill a void in services available for critically ill children. Five families enroll in Casey Cares Foundation's programs and begin receiving activities.


Casey Cares sends its first family on a Celebration Vacation to Baltimore. The early years of the decade were difficult for local charities because of competition for funds due to worldwide relief efforts associated with 9/11, the tsunami, etc. However, the Casey Cares Foundation was not only built, but thrived during this time due to Casey's leadership, relentless work ethic and the dedication of volunteers. Casey Cares holds its First Annual Gala.


Casey Cares initiates Movie and Pizza Nights for families whose children are not able to be in crowds due to weakened immune systems. For many kids, a movie rental and delivery pizza is the perfect evening after chemotherapy, radiation, needle pricks or doctor visits-proving that "fun" can also happen at home. Casey Cares hires its first part-time employee.


Casey Cares provides its 500th Family Festivity Program. Casey Cares holds its First Annual Rock ‘N' Roll Bash fundraiser.


For the first year, Casey Cares provides activities to over 1,500 individuals in one calendar year. Casey Cares organizes its first Golf Tournament.


Amelia celebrates her 6th birthday while Casey Cares celebrates their 500th Birthday Blast!


Casey Cares Foundation provides its 2,000th activity to a deserving family and hires its first two full-time employees.


June of 2007 marked the complete destruction of Casey Cares headquarters, losing everything in a massive 6-alarm fire. In spite of that tragedy, Casey Cares' staff and volunteers worked from a parking lot across from the debris and in their homes to continue to fulfill requests made by families. Not one family was turned away during this extremely difficult time.


Battling back from the fire, Casey Cares adds two additional programs, the Kami's Jammies Program and the Caring Connections Program.


Casey Cares finishes its 10th year providing programs for critically ill children. With a staff size of four full-time and two part-time paid employees along with eight part-time volunteer program coordinators, Casey Cares has provided over 5,000 activities to more than 15,000 program participants. September 30th, 2009, Justin, who turned five, is Casey Cares' 1,000th Birthday Blast recipient!


Casey Cares holds the first-ever Green 5K Run in Baltimore County. With a 5K run, 1-mile walk and 100 yard Jammies Jog, the event attracts over 400 participants and tons of support from the local community.


Casey Cares staff, volunteers and interns successfully organize over 1,000 Family Festivity activities in one year for our families.  What had originally taken more than three years to accomplish now happens in less than a year for our families.


Casey Cares families participate in over 6,000 activities for well over 11,000 participants in a single year. Baseball games, concerts, plays, shows, movie tickets, care packages and jammies (just to name a few) are sent out on average 16 times a day.


Casey Cares Foundation hosts its first 5K at Oriole Park at Camden Yards with almost 2,000 runners, walkers and participants. Casey Cares is featured on national television show, “Secret Millionaire”. Requests for supportive programs spike dramatically after shows airing.

Thank you to our many supporters over the past thirteen years; you make our programs possible!